Immune Boosting Adaptogen Herbal Tea - Nutrient Rich Tea Bath Soak - 4 Pack


We created the most amazing adaptogenic herbal tea blend to enhance and boost your immune system - and you soak your body in!

Our Adaptogen Body tea was made to help combat the stress we all face in our lives. Filled with powerful adaptogens that increase the body’s ability to deal with stress and fatigue and boost your immune system.   Adaptogens work in harmony with your body and support its natural ability to deal with stress and are effective for everyone.

We created a bath tea due to our skins ability to rapidly absorb (read more in this articlein the easiest and most relaxing way to get all the benefits of adaptogens!  Just soak in our adaptogenic body tea and support your body’s healing and journey back to homeostasis!

Ingredients: *Ashwagandha, * Rosemary, * Holy Basil, * Siberian Ginseng  *indicates organic

How To Use:

'Brew' one teabag in 1-2 quart sauce pan with lid on stove top by bringing water to boil and then turning off heat and step for 20 minutes - just like a cup of tea. 

Add tea bag and brewed 'hot tea' to your bath water, immerse yourself and soak for 20 minutes allowing your body to absorb all the rich minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, nutrition and goodness that these herbs will provide

Package contains 4 bath size tea bags

Nt. Wt. 8 oz

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