Our Hospice Care Bag


Hospice Care Bag filled with products to enhance the quality of life for your loved one during their transition.  Patients can also experience a number of other ailments at any given time throughout their season and we are there to help.

'To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose, under heaven' to take a quote from an infamous song (Turn! Turn! Turn), I could not have said it any better!  I believe that taking a holistic approach to life, even unto death is the most loving, caring compassionate way to be.

I have read many articles on anxiety, panic, depression and how it affects those that have been given a diagnosis (serious, chronic or terminal) and the statistics state that as many as 77% of patients suffer from any one/all of those symptoms.  Another article from ADAA, says 40% of cancer patients suffer from those same afflictions.

Our packing includes:

Lip Balm to help with dry, chapped lips

Topical herbal pain reliever to help with breakthrough pain

Two custom essential oil blends to help with feelings of depression and anxiety that many patients suffer.

Read more about Holistic Care For Serious, Chronic Or Terminal Patients in this article here

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