Pure. Simple. Bodycare.
Pure. Simple. Bodycare.
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About Us - Nico's Organics

My passion for life and others is what drives me, each day. Nico's Organics products are an extension of that passion. I began creating bodycare products ten years ago driven by the needs of my family - soaps and lotions to heal and protect our skin, balms to nourish our lips and body’s, oils to calm and center. From this experience, and with love I want to offer these now, to others.

 I believe that the products we use on our bodies, like the food we eat, should benefit our health, not detract from it. Nico's Organics products have been created with that in mind. We combine organic and sustainably harvested plants, herbs, and oils, from the earth, to make people look and feel great. 

 Nico's Organics is a line of small batch bodycare products crafted in Chicago, IL. Each product is made by hand to be pure, holistic and natural using ingredients the way nature intended them to be used, without any preservatives or additives.

For every product purchased, Nico's Organics donates 10% of profits to help support Chicago homeless.