Why Partner With Us -

Being a partner means you value healthy living, wellness, and are socially and environmentally conscience.  It means that you use those values in the choice of products & services that you offer your clients & customers.

Partner With Us And You Can -

Strengthen client/customer relationships by demonstrating and offering the highest quality products that actually BENEFIT your clients/customers wellness.

Have the opportunity to provide feedback directly and to help us create NEW wellness products to meet clients needs.

Build excitement in your staff and increase revenues with our on-going in person training of our products which will increase familiarity of products and usage.

Improve quality of life of every person who uses our products directly and those who receive donations of products (Nico's Organics Give Back Program).

Receive recognition on our site as a Partner along with a link back to your site.

While we do not have celebrity endorsements - we do have endorsements by the people whose lives we have touched and were able to have a better quality because of us.  To us, that is WORTH IT ALL!

Nico's Organics is a proud sponsor of Miller Street Studios Podcast : Behind Barz - Joe uses this medium to change peoples lives through his podcast.   

Meet Joe 'Dante' Delfino -

He is an experienced audio engineer, music producer, and an accredited educational mentor that is one of a kind professional that is more focused on changing peoples lives’ through music rather than strictly pursuing music for financial rewards.

Joe Dante Delfino - Behind Barz Podcast



 Meet Dr. T - 

"As a holistic dentist, I love that I can recommend Nico’s Organics natural, clean products. Every ingredient has a beneficial purpose - like every high quality product should be.”

Bernice Teplitsky, DDS, FAGD, AIAOMT General Dentist, Holistic Approach
Wrigleyville Dental