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Be Chill - Roll On Essential Oil Blend
Nico's Organics

Be Chill - Roll On Essential Oil Blend

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Joyous Health Approved!  see us here .  Created with the best essential oils for anxiety and panic.  Every organic ingredient and essential oil used in Be Chill Roll On was researched for the specific benefits and effect that I was looking to obtain to help those that suffer from anxiety and panic. (see blog for medical studies and information).

A labor of love - created for family members that suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. the ingredients and essential oils used were chosen specifically for the ability to calm and relax the body, ease palpitations, and help with that 'fight or flight' adrenaline rush.

Comes in a pk of 2 Roll On Bottles

Ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, the following organic essential oils - neroli, clary, basil, myrrh, bergamot, ylang ylang, orange.

To Use:  Just open, roll on your wrists and neck - breath the aroma in deeply and be chill! 

The quickest way for essential oils to provide effective relief is through olfactory (nasal passages) system.   Place the open roller bottle beneath your nose and breath slowly and deeply for a few moments.

 You may also roll on the bottoms (arch) of your feet for a quick uptake to the body.  The essential oils used in this blend have the following beneficial properties:

* Stress fighters
* Antioxidants
* Immune boosters
* Uplift
* Anti-inflammatory
* Stimulate lymphatic and circulatory systems
* Calming
* Tonic (overall health)
* Antidepressant (relieves chronic depression)
* Sedative/ Relaxant
* Anti-spasmodic
* Lower blood pressure
* Nervine (health booster for nervous system)
* Cytophylactic (promotes generate of new cellular growth)

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