Mom's Balm All Natural Herbal Topical Muscle Balm 2 oz Vegan


Moms Balm is an ALL NATURAL herbal topical balm that is made with pure organic herbs and essential oils.  Our balm is great for use to soothe aches & muscles after a workout, and has been noted to help with arthritis aches, backaches, or whenever you may experience overexertion -  know you're using a clean product with clean ingredients.

Perfect for athletes & anyone who experiences muscle soreness and body aches 

Our natural herbal balm is absorbed into the skin so the ingredients may begin working immediately to quickly target areas where applied.

Mom's Balm - created for my mother who had MBC, to help with pain without side effects; watch the video here

For Sore Muscles & Over Exertion. 


Organic. Vegan.

 NO Additives, NO Preservatives, Nothing Artificial. EVER

 No Animals Were Used In The Testing Of This Product

 No Toxic Materials Were Used in the Creation or Packaging Of This Product




The ingredients in this product are known to have the following beneficial properties:



Anti Inflammatory



Anti Neurinflammatory

Anti Allergenic


Increase Blood Flow

Pain Reduction

 Ingredients:  *extra virgin coconut oil, *extra virgin olive oil, *cayenne pepper, *ginger, *ground cloves, *bees wax, the following essential oils: *clove, *peppermint, *eucalyptus, helichrysum, ravensara, ravintsara

* indicates organic

NO additives, NO preservatives, nothing artificial. Organic. Vegan.


The balm is made with ingredients - that as they penetrate the skin - they provide relief to the areas of the body that are hurting.  The combination of ingredients softens the skin, has an analgesic effect, increase blood flow and circulation, decrease inflammation. 

To Use: It can be used as often as required (I put it on mom multiple times per day) without any of side effects you would get from prescription pain medicine. 

Apply directly to the affected area of the body.  You should feel some relief in minutes, may apply as often as needed WITHOUT side effects.  

As the product is absorbed into the skin and body it will reduce inflammation to the area and with additional applications will continue to reduce inflammation without steroids or NSAIDS

** EXTERNAL use only


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