Why Use Body Care Products That Are PURE SIMPLE & ORGANIC ?

What are the benefits to using organic body care products?  What are the best organic body care products?  How will I benefit from using organic body care products?  Where can I find organic body care products?

These are some of the questions that many people recently as more and more people are looking for natural and organic body care and skin care (not just organic food).  

First - let me lay a foundation on some basic information.  Your skin is the largest organ you have and you actually absorb as much if not more - nutrients, minerals, vitamins, chemicals and toxins through  your skin rather than by ingestion.  

This excerpt of a research article from the National Library of Medicine states -  'Assessments of drinking water safety rely on the assumption that ingestion represents the principal route of exposure. A review of the experimental literature revealed that skin penetration rates for solvents are remarkably high, and that the stratum corneum is a less effective barrier to penetration than traditionally assumed. Based on published skin absorption rates, we used Fick's law (Jos = Kop delta Cos) to determine permeability constants for selected compounds. We then calculated dose per kilogram for nine different exposure situations and compared this to the oral dose per kilogram. We found that skin absorption contributed from 29-91 per cent of the total dose, averaging 64 per cent. Dose per kilogram body weight ranged from .0002 mg/kg-.18 mg/kg, with an average of .03 mg/kg. In weak aqueous solutions, flux of the solute is directly proportional to concentration. Laboratory approaches differ markedly from environmental exposures and can underestimate absorption. We conclude that skin absorption of contaminants in drinking water has been underestimated and that ingestion may not constitute the sole or even primary route of exposure.'  You can finish reading here

So we have established the fact that you actually receive MORE contaminants in your body by the toxins and chemicals we are exposed (via air, water, body care products / skin care products.   We have answered the first question - what benefits do I get from using organic body care products; you DO NOT get the exposure to all the harmful contaminants that are in products that contain additives, preservatives, GMO ingredients.

Next question - What are the Best Organic Body Care Products?  All body care products are NOT created equally.  Even those that say they are organic or contain organic ingredients.  You MUST do your due diligence, you MUST read the ingredients.  There are many brands out there that although they say they are organic - still contain preservatives and additives.  Now that you know you are consuming whatever you put ON your skin - you need to make certain you choose organic body care products that do NOT contain any artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives. 

How will you benefit from using organic body care products?  First - you will be absorbing MORE nutritional content (minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.) and the benefits to your body will be multi-fold.  You can reverse skin damage, cellular damage and even change your genetics.  If you have not read my article on nutrigenomics yet, I would suggest that you do. -as what we consume can actually change our genetics.

An research article from the National Library of Medicine states "The inclusion of botanicals in skin care products is becoming ever more popular. Potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits may prove beneficial for a number of conditions that dermatologists routinely treat, such as rosacea, photoaging, and skin cancer. The published effectiveness of prescription retinoids is well known, but equally well known is the irritation and redness often caused by the initiation of therapy. Botanicals may hold the promise of utility to reduce such inflammation. This is one of the best and most practical reasons to include botanicals in skin care protocols. Dermatologists should be aware of these products and be able to discuss their uses and potential benefits with their patients."   Even the medical community and realizes the benefits of organic botanicals in skin care and body care products! 

Lastly - Where can I find / buy organic body care products?  You can find organic body care products at many online retailers as well as speciality stores and you can find them right here!  Nico's Organics Body Care Products which I believe are the BEST organic body care products (I might be a little bit partial though)  because I know where my ingredients come from, because there are  NO synthetic ingredients, NO additives, NO preservatives.  Everything you purchase here is 100% pure, natural and organic.   SHOP NOW

Please - be an informed consumer no matter what choice you make in body care products.  

XO - Nico