Nutrigenomics - Modify Your GENES By What You Consume. WHAT?

Have any of you heard about Nutrigenomics?  If not - let me give you a brief overview.  It is an emerging field that tends to unfold the role of nutrition on gene expression which brings together the science of bioinformatics, nutrition, molecular biology, genomics, epidemiology, and molecular medicine.  Very cool new field of study!

But what exactly does that mean?  Briefly - it means what we consume every day (in and on our body) will literally change our genes.  That can be life altering and fantastic, if you live a healthy lifestyle (eat natural and organic, use organic products) and were born with some genes that may make you prone to certain disease.  It means that you can literally - change the course of your life.  I know for instance in my familial history there is several types of cancer and heart disease, This means that I can CHANGE that history and just because I have a predisposition to cancer and heart disease - I do not have to develop either of those diseases.

It also means, that if you DO NOT live a healthy lifestyle (do not eat natural and organic or use chemical filled products on your body) and were born with genes that carry disease - you may bring about those (familial) diseases and many more.

In another blog (Benefits of Using Organic Bodycare Products) I discussed how your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it has been scientifically proven that what you put ON your skin is absorbed as effectively as by what you take orally.  If you have not read the article and research yet, click the link above.

Many years ago before nutrigenomics even had a name - I was a firm believer that everything that I consumed internally/externally had an impact on my body down to the cellular level.  Therefore, I made changes in my lifestyle - changes for the better.  I started serving my family foods that were organic and unpreserved (I made everything from scratch) and started making bodycare products that I knew were without preservatives and additives.

You can make changes too, it is never too late - read this interesting research article and we here at Nico's Organics can help you in your new path by providing you with natural and organic body care products (shop here) that can literally - Change your life!

xo - Nico